Suppliers List

Hopkinton State Fair Vendors,

After careful consideration the Board of Directors has made the decision they will not be renewing the exclusive agreement with Coca-Cola, nor will they enter into an exclusive agreement with any other beverage vendor for the 2019 Hopkinton State Fair. This change will now allow you to sell the product of your choice and use your own distributor/supply. This change will also allow you to once again sell fountain drinks instead of bottled if you choose.

Please understand, this change also means there will not be a beverage vendor on grounds to provide you product throughout the fair, you must bring your own stock with you. It also means there will no longer be beverage coolers/refrigerators available for your use. We have spoken with the ice company who will be on grounds throughout the fair selling ice for your convenience (not exclusive) and they are planning for the increase demand for ice that may come with this change.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email our vendor manager.

Listed below are non-exclusive vendors who are on grounds during the fair for your convenience.

Rymes Propane
(800) 773-0309

Dave’s Septic
(603) 668-3402

Craig Blackwell
(603) 340-6982

Milkinit Dairy Scott Hudson
(603) 216-7019