Grange Hall

Local granges were the initiators of the local fair.  Today each fair has The Grange Hall as a part of their fair.  In our Grange/Community building you will find competitive displays from area Grange. Each display is judged using a point system.  The Giant Pumpkin is housed in this building.  Interested in what a Grange does? – There someone here that can answer your questions.

Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off

Community Grange Building
Thursday, 6pm

Treated like a baby, handled with much care – farmers begin their giant pumpkins to our Grange Building for our weight in.  Farmers begin each spring planting, pollinating then encouraging each pumpkin toward massive weights hoping to secure the world’s record (2624.6) in the fall.  Our fair’s record holder is Bruce    Make sure you stop in to see the efforts of this year’s farmers.