1. The Hopkinton State Fair takes great pride in operating clean, litter-free fairgrounds. As a member of the Fair community, we depend on your cooperation in maintaining our standards.
  2. Be sure your concession stand is clean and attractive to customers and Fair Management.
  3. Must be OPEN and ready for fair-goers Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8am to 9pm and Monday 8am to 7pm.
  4. Smoking is not allowed in any of the food preparation or serving areas/concessions.
  5. All food concession personnel must wear clean and neat clothing or uniforms, with aprons at all times.
  6. All food service personnel must wear food safety gloves while handling ready-to-eat items. Gloves must be changed and employees’ hands washed whenever the gloves become contaminated (handling money, smoking, touching body parts or raw meat products). Gloves are not required while handling raw meats though should be considered as a self-protection choice. However, hands must be thoroughly washed after handling raw meats.
  7. It is mandatory that prices for all products including food, drink and novelties be posted. All signs must be neatly printed and displayed in a conspicuous place. Pencil and crayon on cardboard are not acceptable.
  8. All concessions must place their trash in plastic bags. These bags are heavy-duty and will fit inside the metal trash barrels provided. The Fair Association will furnish the bags and you may pick them up at the Concession office as you need them. At closing time each night, you are required to place the trash bags in front of your stand and they will be picked-up by the night trash removal crew. Anything not placed in front of your stand will not be removed; we assume these are items you wish to keep. We also require that you rake around your stand to keep the area neat. There will be separate containers for used fat. Using waste barrels for this purpose will violate our contract.
  9. There will be no non-prescription drugs on the Fair property, nor will liquor be allowed on the Fair property. A violation of this rule may call for disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal from all duties and/or responsibilities.
  10. All concessions serving food and beverages must comply with local and State of New Hampshire Department of Health regulations during the entire fair. The Hopkinton State Fair has hired a food safety professional who will be making sure these regulations are followed.
  11. The practice of digging “gopher holes” and running waste water in the ground is prohibited. Check with the Concession Office for the location of the nearest pump-out tank.
  12. For safety reasons, glass beverage containers are prohibited from sale or use on Hopkinton State Fair property.
  13. The products known as “string foam” and “laser light pens” and any other “unapproved items” are prohibited from sale or use on Hopkinton State Fair property.
  14. The Hopkinton State Fair may contract with exclusive suppliers of goods and services who wish to operate within the fairgrounds. All suppliers must be approved in advance of the fair by Hopkinton State Fair management. Please check with your department management before making any arrangements with any supplier who would like to deliver on-grounds.
  15. All boxes must be broken down and placed NEXT to a trash barrel. DO NOT put boxes into trash barrels.
  16. The Hopkinton State Fair will be conducting random inspections. With food concessions, some items we will be looking for, but not limited to are: food thermometers, proper refrigeration with a hanging thermometer, correct cutting boards (red- raw meats, white- cooked protein and dairy, green- fruits and vegetables). Also, a separate hand washing sink is required in each food location.

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