Hopkinton Fire Department


Fire Safety Regulations for Cooking Establishments Operating at the Hopkinton, NH State Fair Grounds

The following information is provided for all cooking establishments that wish to operate in the Town of Hopkinton.

Inspections and Permits

  • All Cooking establishments shall be inspected by the Hopkinton Fire Department prior to beginning cooking.
  • A Permit to Operate will be issued to establishments complying with these established regulations.
  • Establishments found to be in non-compliance of the regulations will not be issued a Permit to Operate. Establishments discovered in operation without a valid permit will be instructed to immediately cease operations.

LP Gas Equipment and Installations:

  • All commercial cooking equipment shall be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the NH State Fire Code, and NFPA96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.
  • Liquified Propane Gas (LPG), Electric, and Charcoal type cooking appliances is the only equipment allowed for use at the Hopkinton State Fair.
  • Residential cooking equipment used in commercial operations shall not be considered commercial equipment.
  • Cooking equipment shall be used in a fixed location.
  • All LPG Gas tanks shall be securely attached to the building or cooking establishment utilizing a metal chain, cable or other non-combustible material.
  • All LPG tanks, in use or being stored must be stored and secured in the upright position to prevent from accidental tipping.
  • Placement of LPG Tanks, and Charcoal in use or being stored must be minimum of 10 Feet from Equipment, or any combustible,ignition point, and any structure including tents. Hopkinton Fire Department reserves the right for final approval of tank and charcoal placement.
  • Storage of empty or unused cylinders is not permitted in any vehicle, trailer, or confined space.
  • All Gas operated equipment is required to have the appropriate connections. Piping, Tubing, and Power Cords shall be in compliance with manufacturer and fire code standards.
  • All gas pipe installations with the exception of self-contained mobile units must be completed by a licensed gas fitter.
  • All electrical installations shall be in accordance with the NH State Fire Code and NFPA70National Electric Code but is not limited to:
  • All flexible cordage, including extension cords, shall be of sufficient gauge and amperage to carry the intended load. Flexible cords cannot have any splices, cuts or repairs.
  • Any electrical receptacle, or electrical equipment accessible to the general public shall be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected.
  • Generators shall be installed and operated in accordance with National Electric Code (NEC)250.
  • Generators in use shall be a minimum of 10 feet from any building, and shall not be located within any exit path or constitute a hazard to pedestrian traffic or emergency egress.
  • All Electrical connections are to be performed by a NH Licensed Electrician.

Fire Suppression

  • All concession stands intended for cooking, fixed or mobile shall be equipped with a portable Class “K” Fire Extinguisher with minimum of 1.6 gallons AND 1 (one) ABC Fire Extinguisher of10 Pound capacity (minimum).
  • All Portable Fire Extinguishers must show proper identification, and proper tags illustrating inspection within one year.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers shall be readily accessible and available for emergency use.
  • All enclosed, fixed cooking establishments shall be equipped with means to exhaust cooking and fuels vapors. Construction of the hood assembly shall be from materials that are non-combustible. Examples of such materials – Steel, Stainless Steel, and must be approved by the Fire Inspector. The Hood system must be equipped with an automatic fire suppression system that is certified and inspected within proper date to the NFPA 96 Standard.
  • Required cleaning and maintenance of the hood system and grease trap will be performed daily.

Tents usage as Concession/Cooking areas

  • Concession stands utilizing Tents shall be manufactured from Flame Retardant materials in accordance to NFPA 701 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films.
  • Proof that the tent is Fire Retardant rated and proof of the date of manufacture of the tent is required.
  • All Tents shall be set up in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • All Tents will be assembled by trained personnel. Documentation of training will be required beginning 2018.

Decorative Materials

  • All materials used for decoration within the concession stand shall be flame resistant. The Hopkinton Fire Department reserves the right to determine decorative materials use and placement for fire safety.Means of Egress
  • All concession stands and cooking establishments will maintain a clear means for egress for employees with work areas that are free from trip hazards The Hopkinton Fire Department reserves the right to order any operation to cease cooking operations if any safety or fire violation of these regulations occurs. The Hopkinton Fire Department is here to make your experience at the Hopkinton State Fair fire safe and enjoyable. Please contact the Hopkinton Fire Department with any questions regarding the permit process or inspections. Business hours are from 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday.